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Chronicle of a Death Foretold

Chronicle of a Death Foretold - Gabriel García Márquez

Everything I've come to love from Gabriel Garcia Marquez is in this small but powerful story. 

Chronicles of a Death Foretold is a tragedy and you know instantly that nothing will end well. I mean it's called Chronicles of a Death Foretold and Marquez wrote it, so what more would you expect from it right? However, as the story progresses you find yourself wanting the story to surprise you and switch directions from the obvious tragic route it's going through. The novel leads you into a haunting look at society. It forces us to look at our own participation in our communities, and our voices and what we chose to do with them. 

The novel takes a close look at the murder of Santiago Nasar which occurred in a small town more than twenty seven years ago. The narrator interviews the towns people many of who could have prevented the murder had they simply spoken up or stepped up to the plate. 

Marquez presents this tragic tale with elements of magical realism, a cast of kooky characters,and beautiful writing. The imagery in the last pages of the novel really hits you hard, especially as you realize the truth of the story.

Overall a good read with a very important message.