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The Glass Castle Review

The Glass Castle - Jeannette Walls

This book has been sitting on my shelves for a really long time. My friend told me to read this next, and I’m glad I listened to her. Jeannette Walls tells her family's story in a way that makes you feel sad and nostalgic alongside her. 

The Glass Castle follows Jeannette’s family and their life living in poverty. Jeannette is the second child in a family of four. Her mother is eccentric and her father an alcoholic. Jeannette’s father is intelligent, but he lacks drive. He promises her that he will build a Glass Castle just as soon as he finds gold. Jeannette’s life is hardly ever peachy; she recounts time of living in cars, in old abandoned warehouses, and homes that fall apart due to negligence. Still through all of this Jeannette finds the strength to leave that life behind and go after what she wants.

I think it’s hard to write a memoir that people will enjoy. You have to make a person care about your life and your struggles and not come across as whiny and self-absorbed. That is usually my problem with memoirs. However, Walls doesn’t do that. She shares her hardships and lets them speak for themselves. She doesn’t beg the reader to feel sorry for her. I also liked that she didn’t make things entirely dark. She added moments of love and tenderness such as her favorite memories of her father and her love for her siblings. 
Her story is inspiring and makes you feel that it doesn’t matter where you come if you’re willingly to work hard you can live the life you want. 

Overall a really well told memoir.