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The Birth of a Killer Thoughts

Birth of a Killer (The Saga of Larten Crepsley) - Darren Shan

Considering how much I loved The Cirque Du Freak Series I was expecting so much more from this prequel. As a preteen I came across A living Nightmare, and I remember powering through the first five within the week. Then I waited every six months, or how ever long the release for the next book was back then. I credit my love for horror and vampires to these books, so naturally I was beyond excited when this prequel series was announced. However, it wasn't nearly as addicting, nor exciting as the Darren Shan Saga, but for a die hard fan like me it was still fun.

It was obvious that Darren Shan wrote these assuming that the fans of Darren Shan would pick it up. Therefore, he didn't bother with the action packed plot he normally delved into. He focused on the characters and sprinkled a healthy dose of foreshadowing I could tell he is working his way into the series and Birth of A killer was merely the jumping stone. The pace of this one was a too slow for me, however, and I found my attention straying. 

I did enjoy seeing Mr. Cepsely and some old favorite characters.I had so much nostalgia while reading this book. It took me back to being twelve and obsessively devouring this story, and now ten years later I'm back again. I liked being back in this world, and I realized how much I've missed it. 

I will continue on with the series because I know the way Darren Shan works. I'm sure we got some surprises in store for us. I can only hope the plot picks up a bit.

Overall fun for the fans of Darren Shan, but for those of you who haven't read them, I recommend you read those first, or you might get a little bored.